Organic Herbal Soap for Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry skin - Natural Soap from India
Natural Organic Herbal Soap

Organic Herbal Soap for Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry skin - Natural Soap from India

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    Maduram Herbal bathing soap contains the goodness of 20 precious herbs and pure coconut oil. These herbs protect your skin and make it beautiful and supple. Everybody at home can safely use Maduram soap and benefit from its wonderful medicinal properties. It's a great help for those who suffer from allergies and are sensitive to harmful chemicals.

    Maduram combines the cleansing, rejuvenating and moisturising properties of carefully chosen herbs. The medicinal properties of the ingredients, not only leave you clean and refreshed, but improve your complexion. All done naturally, as Mother Nature has always intended. If it couldn’t get any better, one can take pride in knowing that Maduram Herbal soap is never tested on animals, and complies with all cosmetic regulations. Don't take our word for it, put Maduram to the test. Your skin deserves nature's healthy touch. After all, "Nature knows best".


    Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Neem Leaf, Castor Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Honey, GooseBerry, Mint, Lemon, Fenugreek, Arugampull (Cynodon Dactylon), Vettiver(Chrysopogon Zizanioides), Avrampoo (Avaram Senna Flower), Kuppaimeni (Indian Nettle), Malaivermbu (Melia Dubia), Sandal, Magizham Flower (Mimusops Elengi), Tulsi, Kasturi Manjal, Hibiscus, Adhimaduram, Mara Manjam, Rose Flower, Ramacham.

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  • USAGE :

    Firmly hold the herbal soap bar, as it may slip from your hands. Then run it all over your body, covering yourself in suds. Then thoroughly rinse your self off.

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- 100% herbal and botanical soap from India with zero animal fat added. Pure vegetable glycerin.
- 3-in-1 face and body herbal soap for healing, cleansing, and rejuvenating your skin.
- Makes your skin younger, supple, and glowing while treating many skin conditions.
- Beneficial in removing skin blemishes, improving skin texture and elasticity.
- Wholesome natural ingredients with no artificial colors and fragrances.
- Superior and natural treatment for eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, etc.
- Each 100 gram bar of soap contains 20 precious herbs and pure coconut oil.

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